How can transplant errors happen in Florida?

Many people in Florida owe their life to one of the most incredible medical breakthroughs, organ transplantation. Similarly, quite a number of patients lose their lives due to the errors that happen during the transplant procedure. So, let us look at some of the common errors you should be aware of and how you can handle them.

What causes organ transplant errors?

The people responsible for taking an organ from one person and transferring it to another must handle it with extreme care. One simple mistake can lead to serious health issues for both the donor and the recipient. That’s said, here are the common sources of errors in organ transplantation.

  • Receiving an infected organ – There are cases where the giver is not thoroughly profiled to see if they have any underlying conditions that they might pass on to the recipients or the infection was transmitted during the procedure.
  • Receiving an incompatible organ – Our bodies will always reject anything foreign, so if the donor and the receiver don’t have almost similar properties like their blood composition and other body proteins (HLA antigens), the receiver’s system will react in a fatal way.
  • Medical malpractice during organ transplant – Mistakes like using unsanitary equipment, operating on the wrong body, forgetting a piece of surgical equipment inside the patients, and misusing drugs, can lead to severe organ transplantation errors.
  • Lack of proper care post-procedure – You should be monitored and taken care of well after the organ transplant procedure to ensure absolutely no problems arising from the surgery.

Can organ transplant errors be preventable?

Of course, all these errors are preventable. They occur because of negligence, malpractices, or not following the stipulated laws set by the government and the health department to save people’s lives.

When to get legal help?

The reason behind any medical procedure is to save a person’s life or at least make the condition bearable. But, if it brings you devastating health problems that can even lead to death, then something is wrong with the system. You should seek legal representation. An attorney might be able to help you get the compensation you need and to also prevent it from happening to someone else.

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