How data breach class-action lawsuits protect consumers

In Florida and around the country, millions of consumers have been adversely impacted by data breaches. Data breaches happen when corporations entrusted with personal, private information allow that information to be compromised, resulting in emotional pain, financial losses and other harm. Data breach class-action lawsuits occur when plaintiffs seek damages for injuries to their credit, credit monitoring, credit card replacements, additional expenses, time for investigation, distress and restoration.

Companies facing data breach class-action lawsuits

Capital One and Amazon both have class-action claims filed against them in Virginia through a nationwide class-action lawsuit. The suit alleges that both companies failed to act to protect their customers from data breaches. The suit further alleges that the company’s inadequate protection of their personal and private information allowed hackers to steal their information, unlawfully use their information, and cause harm and injury to their financial and emotional well-being. The plaintiffs ask the courts to hold these companies responsible for their action or inaction and force them to incorporate better security protection practices for consumers.

How to participate in class-action claims

When large corporations violate your rights, you feel hopeless as if you don’t have many options. Millions of people suffer losses from data breaches that don’t result in class-action claims. Average citizens think they don’t have the resources to fight these large companies or that no one will take them seriously. If you have experienced a data breach and would like to know about class-action lawsuits, speaking with a skilled litigator with a proven track record in this area may help guide you through the process.

An attorney experienced in handling class-action claims may help you understand your rights, what remedies might be available to you and how to get started. You don’t have to deal with the fallout of stolen data alone.

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