More about class action lawsuits involving securities claims

If you are an investor in a publicly traded company and have experienced a loss in the fair market value of the securities due to deceptive or fraudulent activity by a company you have invested in, then there are some things you should know. Investing in a company’s stock is a business decision; however, it is also a very personal decision. You have invested in protecting your and your family’s future. If these investments lose value because you bought them as a result of fraudulent statements or omissions you may have claims that can be pursued on an individual or classwide basis.  It is often better and more efficient to pursue securities fraud claims in the context of a class action.,.

How much money is involved when filing a securities claims class action lawsuit?

Companies that defraud their shareholders often cause thousands or tens of thousands of investors to incur substantial economic injuries.   Billions of dollars of losses are pursued on behalf of shareholders in any given year.. As a result of the amount of potential damages that are caused by fraud, public companies may settle shareholder claims without going to trial.  GFM’s attorneys have been lead counsel and co-lead counsel in dozens of securities fraud cases brought on behalf of defrauded investors.  We understand what fraud looks like, the financial devastation securities fraud causes and how to help investors recover what they have lost.

How can a securities claims class action lawsuit benefit me?

There are often substantial  benefits for class members who decide to pursue securities fraud claims in a class action, including:

  • Cost savings: Injured investors are not asked to pay the out of pocket costs necessarily incurred to pursue their claims. Attorneys fees are only paid if benefits (whether monetary or non-monetary) are obtained for the class.  If there is no recovery, there are not attorneys’ fees..
  • Time savings: Class members who are not named in the complaint generally do not have to appear in court, so they do not lose time off work or away from their families.  The claims of absent (unnamed) class members are pursued by the Lead Plaintiff or Plaintiffs and class counsel.

If you believe that you have been a victim of securities fraud, GFM can help you determine whether fraud has occurred and can advise you as to whether you have potential claims.

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