Class Action Litigation

When large corporations behave unethically or illegally resulting in a violation of your legal rights it often feels as if there is no recourse.  After all, these corporations have teams of lawyers and nearly unlimited resources to defend itself.  Unfortunately, corporate greed, mismanagement, and poor compliance standards often result in financial injuries to tens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of innocent victims.  George∙Gesten∙McDonald’s team of class actions litigation attorneys is dedicated to vindicating the rights of those who have been injured by corporate fraud and non-compliance with state and federal laws. 

Class action litigation is a type of case in which one person (a class representative) represents a group of people (the class) who have similar injuries or legal complaints.  Class action litigation relies on the “strength in numbers” principal by joining all those class members to consolidate the legal process.  This strategy allows multiple claimants to work together to hold the bad actor fully responsible. This unique area of law is an efficient and effective way of obtaining justice for as many victims as possible while increasing the likelihood that the bad actor changes its practices that led to the lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is typically defined by a group of at least forty (40) claimants with similar claims against a single defendant; however, most class action litigation begins with a single claimant through whom other potential claimants are identified. 

George∙Gesten∙McDonald’s class action practice group is lead by David J. George, who has been appointed lead counsel in a wide variety of consumer and securities fraud class actions cases.  David has successfully recovered in excess of $1 billion for his clients through class action litigation.

Possible Class Action litigation cases include

  • Consumer Fraud: These claims involve any situation in which a consumer was deceived by a company for monetary gain;
  • Securities Fraud: These claims involve circumstances in which investments were made based on false information given by an investment bank, broker, or other professional financial advisor;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Violations: These claims involve a company’s violation of the rights provided to disabled Americans through the ADA.  This can include failure to provide any visual or audio media accommodations for the hearing or visually impaired.
  • Employment: These claims involve a wide range of mistreatment of employees including overtime and minimum wage violations.
  • Violations of State and Federal Statutes:  These claims involve a company’s violation of a state or federal statute.  Usually, these statutes were enacted specifically to protect consumers (i.e. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA)).
  • Privacy Rights: These claims involve any situation in which a company has put an individual’s personal information at risk, as well as situations in which a persons’ personal information was improperly or impermissibly used.
  • Retirement and Pension Fund Fraud: These claims involve employee sponsored retirement and pension plans that are underfunded or that have been mismanaged.  These claims also involved situations where the employer is guilty of pension dipping.  

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