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We leave our homes every day to embark on journeys big and small. Often, these journeys are simple trips to the supermarket or to dinner at a local restaurant. We never expect to be injured during a quick visit to a local business, but nonetheless, it happens to people all the time. Wherever you may go, the owner of that property has a duty to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition, or at the very least, to warn people of any dangerous conditions that could cause an injury. Whether you slipped on a puddle of spilled liquid or tripped over an obstruction, the property owner may be responsible for your injuries and damages.

The moments following a slip and fall accident are the most important to your claim. After a slip and fall accident, the property owner will take steps to remedy the dangerous condition. For example, if you slip on a puddle of spilled milk in the supermarket, the store manager will direct an employee to clean the spill immediately. Of course, the supermarket does not want another customer to fall, but it is also altering or even destroying any evidence of the dangerous condition that caused your injuries. Your testimony that a spill existed is not necessarily enough to succeed.

Slip and fall cases can be very complex. Determining liability is not always easy. Property owners and their insurance companies deny slip and fall claims for a host of reasons. The law regarding slip and fall accidents is decidedly pro defendant. Therefore, it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible if you are injured in a slip and fall accident.

At GFM, we know what it takes for your slip and fall case to succeed, and we will aggressively pursue your case for you. We will immediately begin working to protect your rights, preserve evidence and build the foundation of a strong slip and fall case.

What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

  1. Take Photographs. The first thing you should do is photograph the dangerous condition that caused your fall. This is the one and only opportunity you will get to obtain photographic evidence. Use your phone to take photos from every angle being careful not to alter the scene. Be sure to take clear, unobstructed, focused photographs. Be sure to focus on anything that tends to date the condition, such as debris, track marks or foot prints around a puddle. These photographs are not only important to documenting that a dangerous condition existed, but also offer evidence of the severity of the condition and quite possibly the duration for which it existed.
  2. Talk to Witnesses. Other people in the area may have seen your accident, or the dangerous condition that caused it. They may also be able to establish the length of time during which that dangerous condition existed. If you speak to witnesses ask them for their contact information and if they took photographs or videos, ask them to send them to you.
  3. Report the Accident. Never leave the property without reporting your accident to a manager. It is not enough to tell a random employee. Demand to speak with a manager. In fact, you should attempt to protect the scene of the accident until a manager is able to respond and document the dangerous condition in an accident report. Always ask for a copy of the accident report.
  4. Seek Medical Attention. Whether you are transported from the scene of the accident to a hospital by ambulance or you make an appointment with your family doctor, seeking medical attention as soon as possible after an accident is crucial to protecting your rights. Medical records and bills are the best evidence to document your injuries. These same records will also help to establish your other damages, such as pain and suffering.
  5. Consult Your Attorney. Having an experienced personal injury attorney on your side is the best thing you can do to protect your rights. At GFM, our Personal Injury Practice Group represents only accident victims, NEVER insurance companies. We are well-versed in the entire claims process from pre-suit investigations to jury trials. Battling an insurance company can be an intimidating hassle that may leave you frustrated, undercompensated and defeated. We are not intimidated by insurance companies. We navigate the claims process for our clients through comprehensive representation. From gathering evidence and consulting with experts to inspecting the premises where your accident occurred, to tracking your medical treatment ensuring your claim is properly documented and fighting for the compensation you deserve, GFM has your back.


Call us toll-free at (888) 421-4529 to speak with a member of our Personal Injury Practice Group for your free consultation. Do not delay! There are important deadlines associated with every personal injury case, including a statute of limitations. Long delays, large gaps in your medical treatment and unsecured benefits may damage your case if you file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries.

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