What are the most common types of medical errors?

Medical errors are more common than you might think in Florida. They are often mistakes that could have been avoided. When a doctor, nurse or other health care provider makes a medical error, it can result in a patient suffering pain, illness and financial losses. Personal injuries stemming from medical errors account for the third most common cause of death in the country.

Which medical errors are most common?

Medical errors cause serious injuries that can result in disability, pain and suffering, illness and even death. There are four different types of medical errors that are the most common. They include the following:

  • Diagnostic: Diagnostic medical errors are those that involve a failure to use the right testing or the use of outdated tests. They also include delays in testing or diagnosis, misdiagnosis and failure to act when there are test results that dictate certain actions.
  • Treatment: This is a type of medical error made when a doctor or other health care professional performs the wrong tests, procedures or treatment. It also involves the wrong dosage of drugs or a delay in the appropriate treatment.
  • Preventative: Another common type of medical error is in preventative care. These errors include failure to provide the right type of preventive treatment and inadequate monitoring of treatment.
  • Other: Other medical errors that are common involve communication errors, equipment failure and other types of system failure.

How can medical errors be prevented?

One of the best ways to prevent medical errors is to determine the greatest areas of risk. Surgery is one area that commonly ends up with medical errors. However, with the right teamwork, equipment and skills, these errors can be prevented so that fewer patients suffer medical malpractice.

It’s important for medical professionals to know which patients are at higher risk of personal injury from medical errors. Older individuals, in particular, are more susceptible than younger patients in better health.

An attorney may be of assistance if you have suffered injuries as a result of medical errors. Your attorney may help you prepare your claim and provide you with essential advice to pursue the compensation you deserve.

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